Rest time tracker. Set a goal for rest, achieve your goals by resting.
What is the problem with rest in general?
The two main problems of rest: we do not know how to manage it, so that it restored our strength and treat it without proper attention - ignore. Sometimes people think that rest is a waste of time, or there is an opinion that it is so easy to rest and do not need to do anything in advance, it will happen by itself.
What is the relation between rest and burnout syndrome?
If we are stressed or tense for a long time, we spend a lot of energy to keep our balance and perform our functions, our hormones change and our cognitive abilities deteriorate. This negatively affects how we feel about ourselves and our relationships with loved ones and peers. With regular restorative rest you can avoid these consequences.
how it works
Our Idea
The app monitors the time you spend on rest, in order
to build a balance between work and replenishment of energy.
Set up your weekly goal
in hours for rest.
Choose your preferable recreating activities
such as reading, yoga, hiking
and etc for tracking daily.
Plan this activities and add
into your calendar’s app
Add your time in the app
everytime when you do your activities.
Check your progress:
daily, weekly, monthly and yearly
Get more energy
and health!
“Rest Keeper is a set of practical tips and tools for rest management which allows to plan your time in the best way possible to restore strength and energy”
Rest Keeper

Activities Catalog

In the app you will find a list of activities to help you choose different ways to rest. All activities are categorized and described in detail. You are sure to find something new for yourself.

Activities Catalog | Rest Keeper feature
Activities Catalog


Didn’t find your hobby in our catalog? Add it to the app!

Personalization | Rest Keeper features

Time Tracking

Keep track of how much rest you planned and how much time you spent resting each day during the week. This will allow you to maintain a balance between work and rest.

TIme Tracking | Rest Keeper features
Time Tracking


How many hours did you rest last week? Statistics will help you keep track of the dynamics of rest, what kind of activity and will be the basis for personal recommendations.

Statistics | Rest Keeper features

Tips and articles

Change is not always easy. We will tell you about how to bring regular rest back into your life, how to organize quality leisure time, and restore energy. All the most relevant.

Tips and Articles | Rest Keeper features
Tips and articles

Synchronization with the calendar

The calendar is the ultimate planning tool. Add scheduled rest hours to your calendar from the app and don’t let other events take that time away from you.

Synchronization with the calendar | Rest Keeper features
Synchronization with the calendar

Diagnostic Test

Feeling tired? Are you in a bad mood? Answer a few questions in a specialized test to get an expert assessment of your condition, as well as tips and advice on how to improve it.

Diagnostic Test | Rest Keeper features
Diagnostic Test

Predicting burnout syndrome with the help of AI

We are developing an AI algorithm that will be able to track the first signs of emotional burnout and warn you about it.

Predicting burnout syndrome with the help of AI | Rest Keeper features
Predicting burnout syndrome with the help of AI
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    About Us

    In times of total busyness and constant change, we want to remind people how important it is to take care of themselves. Our mission is to help keep joy in life, fill it with bright events and enjoy every moment, thereby increasing your efficiency.

    We are a startup team from Portugal.

    At some point in our lives, having a long experience of working remotely, we realized that we lacked a toolkit (it could be an application, some methodology, a lifetime of knowledge, or some relevant information) that would help us adjust our work-life balance.

    Most applications and techniques focus on improving work efficiency, and pay little attention to a comprehensive approach to rest: quality of rest, regularity, and personal characteristics.

    After dedicating time to studying this field we realized that we could create an app that would help many people to change their attitude to rest and to cope with emotional burnout.

    Rest Keeper. Rest time tracker. Set a goal for rest, achieve your goals by resting.
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    What is the problem with rest in general?

    Due to the fact that time for rest is often allocated on the leftover principle and is not organized properly, energy and strength are not restored. Fatigue accumulates and becomes chronic.

    There are two parameters that are important to watch - the quality and quantity of rest. If the quantity is simple and you only need to consider how much time you have to rest and plan it in advance. Then the question of quality is a little more complicated. Here it is important to get a set of practical tips and tools that will help you organize your time to restore strength and energy, which will take into account your lifestyle, schedule, interests and professional activities.

    What is the relation between rest and burnout syndrome?

    Emotional burnout syndrome can be caused by a complex of reasons, but the key ones are: lack of clear distinction between work and personal life, chronic stress tension, prolonged stress turning into overload, and individual peculiarities. To cope with a burnout you need a complex approach and different help depending on the stage of a burnout. If a lack of rest is the key factor on the early stage, then the help in organizing a rest can prevent the transition to more serious states of burnout. It is necessary to shift the focus and change the attitude towards rest. Rest is not a luxury, but a necessity. Qualitatively organized regular rest, which includes various physical and psychological activities, can help maintain health.