How to prevent emotional burnout: where and how to learn it?

What is emotional burnout? Symptoms of emotional burnout syndrome. Instruction without long reasoning, how to get out of this condition.

Burnout is an accumulative state of fatigue that occurs against a background of constant or severe stress. It is accompanied by mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. It is a psychological defensive reaction to various factors of life, a peculiar response of the body expressed by loss of strength and complete or partial elimination of emotions.

To avoid pain, the human psyche is able to turn off emotional manifestations, thus protecting the body. Once in this state, all life systems begin to work in energy-saving mode.

Symptoms of burnout:

  • personal changes in communication with people around;
  • poor concentration of attention;
  • decreased capacity for work;
  • increased anxiety;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • deterioration in the quality of sleep;
  • frequent acute respiratory infections;
  • depression.

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How to deal with burnout?

The best way to deal with burnout is to prevent it by performing a series of actions aimed at preempting the development of the detrimental condition – regular relaxing massage, breathing practices, yoga, lymphatic drainage.

If emotional burnout does occur, it will take some time and maybe even a visit to a doctor or a psychologist to recover your strength.

Chronic fatigue is a condition that many people are familiar with. It is what gives rise to emotional burnout, when nothing is satisfying. WHO is seriously concerned about this problem and has even included psychological exhaustion syndrome in the list of the International Classification of Diseases. The new version will take effect in 2022.

As for the situation in the world, the problem is particularly acute in Japan and Russia. It is these countries that lead in the number of deaths in the workplace.

These guidelines will answer the question what to do if you are tired:

1. Make any changes in your life, from rearranging the furniture in your apartment to moving to another country (depending on your abilities).

2. Try to establish contact with your parents and relations with your loved ones – their support during a difficult time is very important.

3. Reduce your home and work load to such limits that you have time for rest.

4. Start to indulge yourself – new impressions can quickly restore strength after work.

5. Control negative emotions and do not suppress the positive ones.

6. Take care of yourself, take care of your health.

If you have realized that you have emotional burnout, don’t give up. Support yourself by reminding that all problems will be solved and you will be happy again.

Let’s consider three options with the help of which you can get back in shape in a short time.

Keeping work issues where we work, or how do we restore our energy after work?

Workaholism does not promise anything good, even earned money over time ceases to be pleasing if all life turns into solid work. Teach yourself to finish your working day at the same time, leaving unfinished issues for the next weekdays. Do not worry, all the work can not be done: it was, is and will be, and health – just as one.

When you come home, change into beautiful and comfortable clothes. Psychologically, by taking off your work dressing, you take off the load of the working day, problems and unresolved tasks. Home clothes, like a toggle switch, turns on the role you need at a certain moment – a hostess, mother or loving spouse.

Try not to discuss current work moments with your family, enjoy the comfort of home and communication with your loved ones.


Quality sleep is one of the necessary components for a full recovery. In the evening, gradually reduce activity, making a smooth transition from wakefulness to sleep. To relax and prevent insomnia, you can make a soothing tea with herbs: melissa, hawthorn, valerian, motherwort, mint. Two to three hours before going to sleep, it is preferable to turn off electronic gadgets. Replace your social networking with reading a paperback book.

Be sure to get enough sleep! No one has found a better cure for illness yet.

Planning a rest

Unfortunately, many of us don’t know how to relax and how to enjoy life. But, fortunately, it can be learned.

Each person has his own place where he quickly recovers his energy potential, experiencing a feeling of complete reset. For some people it is the walls of their home, for others it is a hotel apartment by the sea, and for others it is a forest or mountains. And no matter where that place is, you need to plan your vacation to make it revitalizing and fulfilling.

It’s not just about vacation time, but also during the weekdays. Firstly, according to Parkinson’s law, work tends to occupy all free time, including breaks, leisure hours, and even lunch and dinner. Secondly, the subconscious mind perceives unplanned vacation as “illegal,” which prevents full relaxation.

If you do not reserve time in advance, then a full vacation may not work at all.

Recommendations for rest management:

1. The best solution is to rigidly fix rest blocks in your daily routine. 

2. By default, take a 10-minute break every hour.

3. Take turns doing different activities.

4. Rest without waiting for fatigue.

The main rule is that rest should be the exact opposite of your activity. For example, after sitting at the computer, it is best to perform physical activities – take a walk, wash the dishes, etc.

Burnout can be quite a dangerous phenomenon if it is ignored and neglected. Many of us have not been taught how to rest, and we can see the broadcasting of the idea that rest is for the weak or it is a waste of time.

In fact, rest is a necessary activity that allows us to live life to the fullest. If you want but can’t or don’t know how to properly organize your vacation, sign up for a short and effective newsletter. We will teach you how to fit rest into your life and manage its quality.