Types of rest that promote recovery after work

What to do in your spare time? How to get rid of stress after a day’s work? Planning and preparation of rest, other secrets of a quick recovery.

Few people know how to recover from work. Most are convinced that rest is sleep or a weekend spent watching TV or playing computer games. Rest is considered a natural process, something no one has ever been taught before. Almost all working people look forward to the weekend. But as soon as they do, many people get lost, and they don’t know what to do with their time. Or, on the opposite, they spend them in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, having no time for anything. As a result, they don’t have time to rest, so they go to work with a feeling of fatigue. But someone, on the contrary, has such a rest that he then needs to rest after the rest.

What is a quality rest?

To rest properly after work, you need to follow certain rules:

  • Allocate hours in your calendar for rest.
  • Decide on an activity that will bring pleasure in your free time.
  • Do not be distracted during the weekend by work.

Rest promotes recovery only if you are enthusiastic about one activity or another. It is necessary to learn how to plan an activity. Decide which activity you prefer. There are activities in which being on a roll is a continuous flow. Make a list of these activities and refer to it when there are no ideas. Don’t be afraid to try new activities, because at different times in life, different activities contribute to recovery and fulfillment. The list should be supplemented regularly. It will not hurt to form a list of short breaks between work activities, for example, watering potted flowers, playing with the cat.

And make it a rule (this is especially important for freelancers) to not work on weekends.

Rest planning and preparation

How do you give your brain a rest? This is made possible by planning and preparing a rest. Activities that bring pleasure in your free time should not only be put on the calendar, but also properly prepared. If it comes to a trip to a recreation center near your home, do not delay in booking your room.

This makes it harder to change plans later, for example, to postpone a vacation at work.

Living with a sense of anticipation of the upcoming rest is much more pleasant – it gives strength. Dreams about the trip will improve your mood and put you in a positive mode. Hormone boosting will benefit workaholics..

Regularity of rest

It is important to make rest an integral part of life. The excuse “too much work, so the boss does not give a leave,” is not accepted. If you can’t go to the sea, you can always get out for a couple of days out of town, spend time with your family or alone at the nearest recreation center. Regular rest contributes to good health, gives strength. А year of overwork, then rest for three days and then back to be in the same harness – it will not work.

Allow yourself a proper rest on weekends, regularly allocate a few hours to your favorite activities. If you like to read, there’s nothing wrong if household tasks end half an hour earlier, so that there’s time left for a book.

How do you choose what to do?

How do I get a moral rest? You need emotional relief. And it is possible only if the activity is enjoyable and truly captivating. If an activity (for example, watching television) is chosen only because nothing else comes to mind, there is no question of qualitative recovery.

There can be a lot of rest options; it all depends on individual needs and preferences. Someone likes to climb mountains, and someone – to luxuriate in the sun on a lounge chair. It is important to choose your kind of holiday. Do not allow sticking, because it does not contribute to recovery, but on the contrary – exhausts.

If you feel that you have started automatically repeating certain actions (flipping through your social media feeds, watching one episode after another of a boring TV series, working out at the gym), you need to change the activity. Choose options that engage the parts of the body and brain that were neglected during work. Office workers need to spend more time outside. You can, for example, take up replanting flowers in the garden or just go for a walk in the fresh air. People who have physical jobs should switch to creative activities, and vice versa. There are plenty of fun activities that don’t require a lot of spending. You don’t have to go to a resort abroad to recover.

We hear from everywhere about efficiency and achieving goals, but few people know that quality rest should be at the heart of it. If a person feels tired all the time and does not know how to recover, what kind of productivity can we talk about?

It’s hard to be on the rise all the time and do nothing but work. Everyone needs breaks without exception. After them the work gets done faster and of higher quality. Changing activities is the main secret of productivity. Man is built in such a way that he needs a rest. To be effective, you have to devote a part of your life to it.

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